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Founded on three generations of waste collection expertise and environmental stewardship, Blue Skies’ recycling program aims to change the world for the better by changing the way people think about recycling.

Over the past couple decades, recycling programs have made significant strides in the United States. Practically every office recycles paper, glass, aluminum and plastic these days, as do a significant percentage of homes and apartment complexes. However, landfills here are still constantly in danger of overfilling, which can cause a host of environmental problems, including excess methane emissions.

You may wonder why overflowing landfills are still a problem if we’ve gotten so much better at recycling recently. The answer is two-fold:

  1. A significant percentage of the country still doesn’t recycle glass, aluminum, plastic and cardboard, which we call  single-stream recycling.
  2. An even more significant percentage of the country does NOT compost organics. Blue Skies hopes to change this fact, one customer at a time.

We take a proactive approach to recycling rather than reactive in order to divert waste from landfills and improve the environment. Through customized waste collection, valet pickup, “green marketing” services, and workplace/school sustainability programs, Blue Skies Recycling makes it easy for clients to do the right thing by properly recycling organics, single-stream, and glass.

While technology and times have changed, our commitment to our clients and to advancing a sustainable environment remains solid. With more than 80 years of experience, we will help your company meet and exceed your recycling goals.

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