Environmental Protection Educational Programs

Just like our founders, who are 3rd generation professional recyclers, we are invested in environmental protection and believe recycling can and should become a habit for you and future generations. That’s why Blue Skies Recycling offers educational programs and recycling training for all ages at any level.

Blue Skies in the Classroom:

It’s never too soon to start teaching environmental responsibility! Blue Skies Recycling will come and talk to your class about the importance of recycling and how easy it is for each person to do his or her part. We also offer classroom materials such as posters and handouts. There is nothing we want more than for younger generations to get excited about environmental protection.

Request a visit to your school from Blue Skies!

Blue Skies in the Workplace:

We want your program to be successful; therefore, employee participation and support are vital. To create a smooth transition to sustainability and ensure that our recycling programs are easily implemented and executed, Blue Skies Recycling offers worksite training to every client. When you sign up with Blue Skies, we will send a recycling expert out to your worksite to train your employees on the Dos and Don’ts of your specific recycling program.

Read our testimonials to learn more about our worksite education programs.

Blue Skies in the Community:

Not only do we strive to inform our clients and younger generations, we are also taking steps to keep the general public informed about environmental protection as well. If you know of any events BLUE should attend, let us know! Fill out our form to suggest an event.

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