Organics Recycling

Plant and Food Waste

Feel bad for throwing away yesterday’s leftovers? Don’t know what to do with that plant that didn’t survive the winter? Blue Skies Recycling offers the perfect guilt free solution. We specialize in organics recycling. This means we take any plant or food waste, pre- or post-consumer, and recycle it to make fertile compost.

What happens to your food waste after it’s picked up?

Compostable items are placed in our signature yellow waste collection bins. From your establishment, the bins are transported by a Blue Skies Recycling ‘valet’ to be emptied, rinsed, and sanitized. Your clean, fresh bin is then placed back in queue to be deployed to another client worksite.

How does organics recycling work?

After pickup, your plant and food waste is transferred to a licensed organics recycling facility where the sun, air, water, and microorganisms all work together to break down the waste through a process called composting.

Download:  Composting Process Infographic

Where does the waste end up?

After your plant and food waste has been turned into compost, it becomes available for consumer purchase. Compost is used by gardeners, farmers, and landscapers, who mix the nutrient-rich supplement with existing soil to replenish the earth and stimulate healthy plant growth. This, in turn, produces healthier crops and a healthier environment. Learn more about the  Benefits of Composting.

Recycling Organic Waste

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