Signature Yellow Compost Bins

BLUE + YELLOW Makes GREEN Blue Skies Recycling Signature Yellow Bin

You may be wondering, why the signature yellow compost bins? Perhaps there’s an elaborate back-story behind the brightly colored receptacles, or maybe Blue Skies Recycling owner Harry Cohen’s kids love the color yellow?

Actually, the answer is much simpler than that. The bright yellow stands out among other waste receptacles and business fixtures, which serves as a constant visual reminder to conserve and properly collect organic materials. Instead of throwing food in the trash, which adds unnecessary garbage to our already overfilled landfills, our goal is for the prevalence of our yellow compost bins to make its way into our collective consciousness and remind us that organics are recyclable. (And that the place to put them is in a Blue Skies yellow bin!)

Just like most people associate green containers as receptacles for plastic and aluminum, our yellow bins will become associated with organics recycling. Establishing good habits is the key to long-term sustainability, both that of the environment and your business. We started by establishing the good habit of recycling organics in a significant portion of the St. Louis area population. Now we are expanding our operations to other cities across the country. 

Right now though, our mission starts with you. We want you to sign up for Blue Skies Recycling’s food waste collection and organics composting today and help us in our mission to educate people about organics recycling.

You can get started by scheduling a complimentary recycling audit!

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