Single-Stream Recycling 

Paper and Plastic Waste

With so many items made of recyclable materials these days, finding the time to separate your paper from your plastic can seem impossible. What if we were to tell you there’s no reason to waste your time? Blue Skies Recycling offers the ease and convenience of single-stream recycling to all of our clients. If it’s recyclable, it goes in the bin – it’s as simple as that.

Now that we mentioned it, what can go in the bin?

More than you think! We recycle most types of pre- and post-consumer paper and plastics.  Learn about the types of waste Blue Skies recycles.

What happens to your recycling after it’s picked up?

After your single-stream recycling bin is picked up by a Blue Skies Recycling ‘valet’, it is taken to a facility where your recyclables are sorted based on what they are made of. Recyclables are laid out on a conveyor belt where the sorting process starts. First, large items are removed. Then, the items are sorted by weight into two categories: paper and plastics and metal. Strong magnets are used to separate the metals. The separated recyclables each go through different processes where they will be transformed back into their original state.

Benefits of Single-Stream Recycling

Although it may seem that having recyclables sorted at the source would be simpler, it only takes the pros about an hour to sort a full truck of recycling. Being able to place all items in the same receptacle reduces the number of bins to pick up, thus allowing us to have fewer trucks on the road. This in turn saves fuel costs and curbs harmful vehicle emissions, allowing both the planet and our clients’ budgets to breathe a little easier.

Not only is single-stream more convenient for our clients, it also encourages stronger participation. In fact, research shows that since offering single-stream services, recycling has increased in households by 30%!

Paper, Plastic and More Recycling

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