Vin de Set                                                                                                      

If you are following Vin de Set on Facebook or Twitter, chances are you’ve seen us bustling in action, providing great food with hospitality to a mass of St. Louisians and visiting guests. We’re able to accommodate a large number of guests in a single night – something that is simply not doable for many other restaurants in the area. This is what we love to do! We get gratification knowing that we provided a fun, relaxing environment, all while you enjoy the best food and view in downtown St. Louis.

Along with this gratification comes a responsibility. We’re talking about waste. 10,000 pounds of it in a single month!

Vin De Set Restaurant
Vin de Set Restaurant
2017 Chouteau Ave
St. Louis, Missouri

Ever wonder where all of that waste ends up? We’ve partnered up with Blue Skies Recycling to compost all our wasted organic material – to ensure the waste is not going to any landfill.

This is our newest exciting project devoted to making our environment greener. Composting offers the benefits of resource efficiency and creating a useful product from organic waste that would otherwise have been dumped in a landfill. It is the natural process in which organic material (food) is broken down. Blue Skies Recycling then adds this compost to other ‘green’ waste, producing a nutrient rich soil for distribution to community gardens.

Hodak's Restaurant Bar                                                                                     

 Hodak Restaurant & Bar

Hodak’s Restaurant
2100 Gravois Road
St Louis, MO 63104

Charlene Hegel’s excitement bubbles over when she talks about her experience with Blue Skies. Hodak’s has been a St. Louis institution since 1962. It already has a sterling reputation for friendly service and delicious food, but Charlene thinks Hodak’s involvement with such an environmentally beneficial recycling program will help the restaurant generate even more positive attention from the community. More importantly, Charlene hopes her experience will help convince other restaurants and businesses to join forces with Blue Skies.

“Blue Skies Recycling has been a dream come true. I just wish I had signed up for program like this years ago,” Charlene says.

“It is so convenient. Not only does our partnership with Blue Skies raise our employees’ morale, conserve resources and make a positive impression on the community, it’s also cost-effective. What more could I want? I don’t understand why any restaurant owner in St. Louis wouldn’t want to partner with Blue Skies. “

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Since May 2010, Blue Skies Recycling has diverted:

from landfills. Want to help add to that number?

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2,000 Lbs. = 1 ton


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