Valet Recycling Pickup Service

At Blue Skies Recycling, your recycling pickup schedule is specifically designed to fit your needs. Our unique valet pickup service allows you to be green at your convenience. You fill the bins, let us do the rest! Here’s how it works:

  1. One of our trained recycling specialists will conduct a recycling audit in order to determine the amount of bins and pickups your business will require. Recycling pickups can be scheduled or called in as needed.
  2. We bring you our signature yellow bins ready to be filled with compostables. Your Blue Skies representative can even train your staff on what is compostable and what is not.
  3. You fill the bin!
  4. At your next scheduled pickup, we drop off clean, sanitized bins, ready for use. More waste than usual? You can always contact your Blue Skies Recycling representative to schedule additional pickups.


Each time we will provide you with clean, sanitized bins, assuring the cleanest possible environment for you and your customers.

Schedule a pickup at your convenience.

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Since May 2010, Blue Skies Recycling has diverted:

from landfills. Want to help add to that number?

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2,000 Lbs. = 1 ton


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