What is Composting?

We collect organic waste, what then? When we pick up and replace our signature yellow compost bin from your place of business, your waste is then delivered to a permitted composting site, where it is broken down into a nutrient rich soil supplement in a process called composting.

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Natural composting, or biological decomposition, began with the first plants on earth and has been going on ever since. As vegetation falls to the ground, it slowly decays, providing minerals and nutrients needed for plants, animals and microorganisms.

Composting is a natural process where organic matter breaks down. Organic matter taken to a permitted facility is mixed with other green waste (such as yard waste) under controlled conditions to produce a nutrient-rich soil supplement. The composting process takes approximately 3 months. This nutritious soil conditioner is mixed with existing soil, where it replenishes the earth and stimulates healthy plant growth. This, in turn, produces healthier crops and a healthier environment.

Just a few ways that composting can help the environment...        

Growing Plants From Compost
  • Suppress plant diseases and pests

  • Reduce or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers

  • Promote higher yields of agricultural crops

  • Facilitate reforestation, wetlands restoration, and habitat revitalization efforts by amending contaminated, compacted, and marginal soils


Can your business's waste be composted? Chat now to find out.

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