Who We Serve – Recycling for Businesses

If it’s recyclable, we’ll pick it up! Who do we serve? Blue Skies Recycling provides customized recycling programs for a wide range of businesses and organizations, both large and small. There are very few materials we don’t accept, which allows your business to become as environmentally friendly as possible.

Small and Large Businesses!

The Green Movement isn’t just a trend. Small businesses and large corporations are all doing their part and implementing sustainability programs. Some of our green leaders include the St. Louis Cardinals, Missouri Botanical Garden, Vin de Set, Hodak’s Restaurant & Bar and many other establishments around St. Louis. 

Our client’s industries vary greatly. We can help any business become a green business. Below is a list of industries we have already proved successful in: 


  Restaurants & Catering

  Businesses & Office Buildings

  Hospitals & Nursing Homes

  Attractions & Entertainment


  Apartments & Condos

  Schools & Universities

  Hotels & Resorts

  Food Manufacturers & Grocers

  Day Cares



In The Community

Most importantly, we are fully committed to increasing awareness about the value of recycling organics both in business and at home. Our goal is to set up pilot programs in:

  • Elementary schools, teaching children the benefits and how-to's of recycling.

  • Communities willing to create a sustainability committee to monitor safe and sanitary organic waste recycling procedures.

ASK BLUE for more information on how you can help us in our efforts to make the world a little bit greener.

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Since May 2010, Blue Skies Recycling has diverted:

from landfills. Want to help add to that number?

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